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The brewery “Midtfyns Bryghus” was founded in 2004 in a former butcher shop in Brobyværk, from where the first beer was launched in 2005. Initially the brewery only brewed two beers on license from Scotland, Moulin Ale and Braveheart.

Eddie Szweda bought the brewery in 2006 and is still the owner of the brewery today. That same year Midtfyns Brewery launched their Stout and Wheat. The following year, the assortment was further expanded when Midtfyns Brewery sent six new beers on the market; Imperial Stout, IPA, Double IPA, Påskebryg, Jule Ale and Jule Stout. Imperial Stout was subsequently elected the best new Danish beer 2007.

Eddie Szweda

2007 is the year when Midtfyns Bryghus gets on Hollywood’s radar. The studio behind the Mel Gibson movie “Braveheart” will not accept that Midtfyns Brewery produces a beer with the same name as the movie, though the same beer has been produced without problems in Scotland for 10 years. The decision to remove Moulin Ale and Braveheart from the production was already made , but Midtfyns Brewery choose to let the press gain insight to the case, and get an impressive amount of column space and publicity for the 10,000,– dkr., that Midtfyns Brewery ultimately ended up having to pay in damages.

A collaboration with the Danish Arsenal Fan Club sees the light of day in 2008. Midtfyns Brewery launches Gunners Ale, a red ale, where the white colored foam and the red glow of the beer match the colors of the Arsenal Club colors. The same year Wit is also launched.

Chili Tripel and Barley Wine is launched in 2009, where Chili Tripel at the Danish Beer Enthusiast’s General Assembly in early 2010 is declared the best new Danish beer 2009.

At the Danish Beer Enthusiast Beer Festival 2010, Midtfyns Brewery shares a stand with the Dutch brewery “Brouwerrij De Molen”. The match is so successful that the brewers agree to create a beer together. The result is X -Porter and is brewed for the first time the weekend after the beer festival, and is a union of the two brewers Menno and Jan’s creativity and years of experience put together and poured into a bottle.

In 2010 Rough Snuff is launched, a collaboration with home brewer Erik Nielsen, who today owns Ø-Bryg. Rough Snuff is a Belgian ale, brewed among other things with seaweed and snuff. The latter ingredient has consequences when the EU rules state that you may not add tobacco in food products. Therefore the version of the Rough Snuff you can buy today is called, Rough Snuff II, and is a censored version without tobacco. Rough Snuff was subsequently elected the best new Danish beer 2010.

In the summer of 2013 Midtfyns Brewery moved from the butcher shop in Brobyværk, to more modern facilities in Årslev, which also included the installation of a new and modern brewing system. The first beer brewed in the new facility is baptized Midtfyns Bryghus Nr. 1 and is a hoppy Simcoe pale ale.


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