One keg for everything

Dolium Kegs are not just designed for beer, they are made for everything from coffee and soda to wine and kombucha. If you can brew it, Dolium Kegs can contain it.

We have been working for a while to get a good deal with Belgian company Dolium, and now can offer their 30 L one way PET Kegs with an S-coupling and 20 months guaranteed lifetime starting at the date of preproduction.


Easy to use

Dolium offers high quality PET-kegs, that fit the needs of breweries, vineyards, coffee producers and a wide range of other beverage makers.

Dolium® one way PET-Kegs are designed as a direct replacement for stainless steel kegs, without need for new, or extra filling and draught equipment.

Keg design

Dolium® Kegs are designed with a patented reclosable valve system and standard connectors.

The optimized keg-geomotry makes the kegs light, durable and easy to handle and stack. In average transport costs are cut by 60% compared to kegs made of stainless steel.

Shelf life

Dolium Kegs have a guarenteed shelf life of 600 days, based on their internal coating. The 20 months starts from the date of preproduction, at longest 2 months before the kegs are molded.

The Pallet label indicates the “fill before date” in the format, “Month + Year”. Is the keg filled within this time frame, another 12 months shelf life is guarenteed. 

Underneath the keg is a label with the production date of the keg, and it´s  guarenteed shelf life is therefore 18 months from this date. The format here is “Year-month-day”, the “year” is a letter code. F = 2018, G = 2019, H = 2020 and so forth.



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