Godt mørkt øl fra fyn til simremad

Dark meats and simmering dishes

To match the dark and heavy meat, that exists in many simmering dishes and big steaks, you should have a complementary dark and heavy beer, like a porter or a stout.

We would recommend our X-Porter, Stout or the Rough Snuff II.

Spicy food

If you are into the hot and spicy food, it is important to drench your thirst and create a contrast with your drink, a good example would be an IPA.

We would recommend our own IPA or SMaSH Mosaic. If you are feeling adventurous and really love the spice, a complementary option would be our Chili Tripel.

Godt øl til krydret mad fra fynsk bryggeri
Godt øl fra fyn til hvidt og lyst kød

White meat

If you are serving a fish or chicken dish, it is always nice to cheer in something refreshing and light. A good wheat beer would be very suitable in that case.

We would recommend our Wit and Wheat as a complimentary drink for the dish. If you are looking for some contrast, something with a bit more bite to it, then our Chili Tripel is an obvious choice.


Here at Midtfyns Brewery we love sushi. Inspired by the delicate and refreshing taste of sushi we developed the perfect beer to serve with sushi. It is our Ginger and Wasabi Pale Ale. This beer combines the refreshing and quenching elements of a pale ale, with the freshness of ginger and the sharpness of wasabi.

Pale Ale øl god til sushi
Godt krydret øl fra fyn til skaldyr


Seafood is and will always be its own thing, it can be spicy with chili or made savory with a layer of butter. That is why our Chili Tripel is perfect for seafood, it can act either complimentary or as a contrast to the dish..


A good assortment of cheeses is never to be complained about. With the assortment of sharp, sweet, strong and savoury cheeses that exist, you obviously need something to drink with it. Our Barley Wine compliments almost any cheese, but if you want something that is a bit extra, we also have our Imperial Stout, Russian Imperial Stout and our barrel aged editions.

Godt stærkt øl fra fyn til oste