Standup og ølsmagning i odense med fynske specialøl

Eddies Beer show

This is a totally special beer tasting that you can experience. Eddie is a fantastic storyteller and entertainer, he moved from America to Denmark because he fell in love. He decided to pretty much start his own brewery – a project which turned out to be something of a challenge.

With a jumping off point in his own experiences in Denmark, Eddie entertains with stories about life as a “new dane” ánd meeting the Danish culture, while he serves some of his prizewinning beers.

Tasting at the brewery

Experience a different, fun, exciting and enjoyable beer tasting when Midtfyns Brewery guide you and your friends through the different types of beer we have to offer. The assortment of beer is wide and as we say in the brewery, we do not have one beer everyone likes, but we have a wide range where anyone can find something they do like.

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