Tobias was hired as a brewer at Midtfyns Brewery in September 2021. He came all the way from the busy city of Copenhagen and over the bridge to a small village on Funen. Before he became a brewer at Midtfyns Brewery, Tobias actually owned his own brewery on Zealand, Ølsnedkeren, which he sold in 2022.

E-mail: tobias@midtfyns-bryghus.dk

Phone: +45 30 24 68 49



Jimmy has experience in retail sales, especially within products from the beer industry. He went from the huge mastodonts to a small brewery here on Funen, Midtfyns Brewery. Jimmy has been part of the brewery since August 2021. Jimmy is responsible for all retail sales, primarily on Funen.

E-mail: jimmy@midtfyns-bryghus.dk

Phone: +45 93 63 01 23


Production, Warehouse management and cleaning

Helen did a company internship at Midtfyns Brewery, where unfortunately, there was no job available for her afterwards. A whole year later, she knocked on the boss’ office desk and said, “I WANT to work here”. The boss listed a series of tasks and asked if she could handle them. Of course, she could. Helen was hired and has been here since December 2020. Helen is responsible for cleaning and helps the production and in the warehouse.


Accounting and office management

Line is a bookkeeper of trade and was in a situation at her old job, where she was forced to look for a new job. An employee at Midtfyns Brewery acted as matchmaker… as the employee had both heard Line was looking for a new job and the boss was looking for someone for bookkeeping, finance and administration. Line has been on the team since September 2022.

E-mail: info@midtfyns-bryghus.dk

Phone: +45 63 90 88 80



Since Sara was old enough to work, she has had a student job at Midtfyns Brewery. After many years in the educational system, she finally graduated. At the same time, the brewery was developing more and subsequently Sara started full-time. She was hired in September 2022. Sara works with development projects in the brewery, planning and executing communication and marketing initiatives on various channels.

E-mail: sara@midtfyns-bryghus.dk

Phone: +45 22 80 19 96


Production and warehouse management

Kasper is ex-military and was looking for a new job. Early 2022, he did a company internship at Midtfyns Brewery. Kasper fit right in, and the brewery needed someone exactly like him. He filled a place that was needed. He was therefore employed after he finished his internship. Kasper works with various things both in the warehouse and the production.



Thor came to Midtfyns Brewery, still wet behind the ears, straight from education in North Jutland. With the belief that there were probably no more than 5 different kinds of beer, he was thrown into a huge beer universe. Since the beginning of 2018, Thor has been responsible for digital marketing and social media at the brewery. Today, he works in several different areas, from orders, draft beer, and storage to marketing and social media.

E-mail: thor@midtfyns-bryghus.dk

Phone: +45 41 43 21 38



Just like our other brewer, Mathias has a strong fondness for craft beer and brewing. He started at Midtfyns Brewery as a warehouse worker, but with as strong interest in beer as Mathias had, it wasn’t long before he became a brewer himself. Mathias is also the employee who has been at the brewery the longest apart from Eddie. Mathias has been at the brewery since December 2014.

E-mail: mathias@midtfyns-bryghus.dk

Phone: +45 42 91 56 60



It all started in 1989, when Eddie the American met his Danish wife, Bettina. At that time Bettina worked as an au-pair.

Eddie and Bettina moved to Denmark in 1993. Without knowing the Danish language or having a degree, Eddie landed on the production floor at Svansø Jam Factory. Over time his Danish got better and better as he worked his way up to a position as sales manager. Eddie had a dream of becoming self-employed and having his own business and in 2006, he took over Midtfyns Brewery.

E-mail: info@midtfyns-bryghus.dk

Phone: +45 63 90 88 80


E-mail: info@midtfyns-bryghus.dk

Phone: +45 63 90 88 80

VAT: 28 31 41 59

Address: Industrivej 11-13, 5792 Årslev