Borrow a draft beer dispenser

Buy draft beer from us and borrow a draft beer dispenser for free

We have 12 two – tap dispensers that our draft beer customers can use for their parties. They are easy to use, easy to set up and there is no need for CO2 bottles.


Below we have two instruction videos that show how the system is used.

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Draft beer

We always have draft beer in stock, but we cannot promise that we always have all our varieties available. If you want to ensure that your favorite beer is available, you must contact us well in advance.

Our draft beers are on 30L disposable kegs with s – coupling, they are 98% reusable and weigh only 1.25 kg when empty.

Draft beer prices

All draft beers below 8% ALC. cost DKK 1125, – incl. VAT.

All draft beers above 8% ALC. cost DKK 1312,5, – incl. VAT.


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The draft beer dispenser

Our draft beer dispenser has two taps and a built-in compressor, which means that you do not need carbon dioxide to make the beer flow.

It is a compact system, which makes it easy to place on almost any flat surface. Perfect for everything from student parties and weddings to company parties and birthdays.

If you buy draft beer from us, you can borrow the beer dispenser cost free, as long as you pick it up and deliver it back yourself. We will be in charge of cleaning the dispenser ourselves.

However, we also offer delivery, setup and pick up for DKK 600, – excl. VAT.

(We only offer delivery on Funen)

Setup of draft beer dispenser

With our draft beer dispenser and kegs, it is really easy to set it all up. We have made two videos which show how to attach and detach the dispenser.

We have also made a PDF guide which can be freely downloaded below.

PDF guide

Setting up the dispenser

Detatching the dispenser

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