Our History

A little insight into our history

Midtfyns Brewery has existed since 2005 and since 2006 the brewery has been owned and operated by Eddie. It has been a long journey from a closed butcher’s shop to new and modern premises.

Over the years the assortment as evolved, multiple beers have won awards and the staff has become larger.

Today, Midtfyns Brewery has a total of 16 different beers in the fixed assortment and 6 completely different beers in the Christmas assortment.

American led since 2006

Midtfyns Brewery was founded in 2005 in a closed butcher’s shop in Brobyværk, Funen. Back then Midtfyns Brewery launched a series of 3 different beers: Braveheart, Moulin, Loch Lomond.

Eddie took over the brewery in 2006. He had lot of experience in the food industry, but no experience with beer.

However, Eddie had experience in sales and marketing. Eddie also knew the value of marketing and media coverage and how important it is for a company. And he had no problem with that, right from the start he had media coverage about an American buying a Danish brewery to naming rights between the Braveheart beer and Mel Gibson.

From Brobyværk to Årslev

The brewery continued to develop and the butcher shop in Brobyværk, Funen, became too small. It was time for new premises and in 2013 Midtfyns Brewery moved to Årslev, Funen. The production, product development and staff continued here.

Throughout all the years, Eddie has hosted beer tastings and entertained more than 50.000 people in Denmark. The beer tastings are 80% entertainment and 20% beer. It is an experience in itself with a mix of cultural stand-up and delicious beers.

Over the years, Midtfyns Brewery has launched several beers such as Sunshine and Moonshine in 2017. Today there are 16 different beers in the fixed assortment, 6 beers in the Christmas assortment and in addition we have started making one offs: one single brew of a new beer.

Our assortment can be found right here.

New beers

The fixed assortment of the 3 Scottish beers were removed immediately and already, at the end of 2006, Midtfyns brewery launched 3 new beers: Ale, Wheat and Stout. The Stout is still part of the fixed assortment to this day. Midtfyns Brewery developed quickly and in 2007, a total of 6 new beers from Midtfyns Brewery came on the market: IPA, Double IPA, Imperial Stout, Påskebryg (Easter beer), Jule Ale (Christmas Ale) og Jule Stout (Christmas Stout). Both the IPA, Double IPA and Imperial Stout is still part of the fixed assortment today.

Over the years, more and more beers were added to the assortment. In 2009, we launched Chili Tripel and Barley Wine and in 2010 Rough Snuff came on the scene. However, it was BANNED! There was snuff in the beer which the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration was not particularly enthusiastic about. Although it was totally harmless, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration made us aware of an old EU rule: that you must not mix a food with a non-food. Today, the version Rough Snuff II (without snuff, of course) can be bought.

Business partners

Over the years, we as a brewery have had various business partners and worked with charity foundations.

Sclerosis Association Cykelnerven

Since 2018, we have worked with the Sclerosis Association Cykelnerven. They call themselves – Denmarks toughest charity event. They bike the most crucial Tour de France climbs in France. Cykelnerven contributes to and supports research into the disease multiple sclerosis. Every rider commits to a fundraising goal of 15.000kr for multiple sclerosis. They fight together for a world without sclerosis.

Midtfyns Brewery helps raise money for Cykelnerven. We do that in different ways. One way is for them to sell our beer that they have bought for a cheaper price. Thereby they get the difference and that goes straight into the research on sclerosis. The second way we help is to give Cykelnerven 1-2 beer tastings a year. They sell the tickets and again all the proceeds go to research into sclerosis.

Midtfyns Festival

In 2022, Midtfyns Brewery and Midtfyns Festival entered a partnership. Back in the day the Midtfyns Festival was big. It started in 1976 and ended in 2003. It is now slowly being ressurrected. What was missing at the Midtfyns Festival was of course local craft beer on draft from Midtfyns Brewery – And it sounds pretty good together, Midtfyns at Midtfyns

Award winning beers

Imperial Stout
Imperial Stout won best new beer novelty in 2007. This beer also won two international awards in Germany: European Beer Star – Gold Award 2015 and European Beer Star – Consumers Favourite – Silver Award 2015.

Chili Tripel
Chili Tripel won Denmark’s best new beer novelty in 2009.

Rough Snuff
Rough Snuff won Denmark’s best new beer novelty in 2010. (It is only Rough Snuff II that can be bought today).

Russian Imperial Stout
Russian Imperial Stout won Denmark’s best new beer novelty in 2011.

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