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We have created a beer universe. Here you will be able to read exciting things about beer, food and brewing. The beer universe is divided into two: Food and Beer and Learn about beer.

This universe will include everything from beer types to guides about beers to food with beer recipes and recipes that suit our beers well.

We are here to spread the awareness of beer and beer with food. Therefore, we are going all-in to teach people. Our beer universe is for whoever is interested in learning more about beer, food recipes, guides to beers etc.

Our beer universe will be updated continuously with new recipes, posts, and knowledge.

Explore and learn more about beer, food and brewing.

Beer and food
beer knowledge

Beer and food

Food and beer go hand in hand. Beer actually goes really well with a lot of different cuisines.

Here you will find food recipes. The recipes are divided into two: Beer in Food and Beer with Food.

Recipes: Food fitting beers

Lates recipes: Food fitting beers

Recipes: Beer in food

Lates Recipes:
Beer in food

Learn about beers

The part ‘Learn about beer’ is mostly about beer. It ranges from brewing to types of beer to guides about differences in e.g., German, and Belgian wheat beer and interesting facts and knowledge about beer.

The beer universe is divided into three parts: Knowledge and Learning, Guides, Did you know…?

Knowledge, facts and information about beer

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